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These days if a bar/nightclub wants to stay relevant with its customers, they must promote themselves on social networks. Having a Facebook page and a Twitter account is nice but not enough to keep your customers engaged in the long run. HotOwl goes beyond the traditional social sites because it interacts directly with your current and potential customers and keeps them coming back every night! How? HotOwl allows your customers to see the male/female ratio of the people in your establishment, and how busy your establishment currently is. It also allows your patrons to book themselves on your guestlist via the web, iPhone or Blackberry. There is a HUGE BUZZ around HotOwl right now and those establishments using it are being promoted above and beyond their competition. HotOwl is the only social network for bar goers and is growing fast. The pricing is minimal compared to what you have to pay with traditional media and there are no contracts required.

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