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Servall VIP and Guestlist – Customer Loyalty Program

Servall VIP is a loyalty program that allows your establishment to create a “points” rewards program. You can combine mutliple establishments under the same VIP program and share the customer loyalty throughout your establishments. With Servall VIP you can:

  • Create rewards system structure based on date/time of patron visit, frequency of visits, and promotional visit dates
  • Create custom VIP cards utilizing your designs using Servall’s in-house print facility
  • Link your VIP members to their indentifications cards to eliminate VIP cards
  • Get notified via text message when important VIPs enter your establishment
  • Track usage of VIP cards to ensure your VIP promotions are not being abused
  • Let your VIPs accumulate rewards on their VIP account

The Servall Guestlist product comes with the VIP module and allows you to create and track Patron guest lists. You can add patrons to your guest list via text message or allow your customers to add themselves to your guest list via our iPhone and Blackberry applications. As guests arrive, your door staff can check them in to the guest list via our easy-to-use interface. At the end of the night. you can print view/print reports showing your complete guest list history including expected totals, actual guest arrivals, and the times and comments of each event.

As with all of the Servall applications, Servall VIP seamlessly links into the Intellibar Suite allowing you to use Servall Business Intelligence to report on all facets of your business.