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The Most Advanced ID Scanner

ID scanners, ID scanning systems, ID scanning for bars, ID swipping, bar ID scanner, and license scanners are all terms used to describe the same act, the scanning of the IDs of your patrons as they enter your establishment. Servall uses advanced OCR technology and 2D Barcode reading to identify and read the contents of the driver’s license or passport being scanned. Servall’s OCR engine was built and fine-tuned by Servall, giving us full freedom in adding new ID types as they are beng issued. We will read the 2D barcode whenever possible. However, there are multiple government-issued ID types that do not contain a barcode or a magnetic strip, that is where the OCR engine comes in handy. OCR technology has been around for many years now and Servall uses state-of-the-art algorithms to create an extremely accurate reader.

If you’re looking for an ID scanner make sure that it can support multiple IDs, even though it may support most driver’s licenses that does not mean it can read all government-issued ID types and licenses.

Please contact Servall to schedule a live demo and see firsthand how our ID scanning system is one of the most advanced ID scanners in the market.